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About this Site

This site contains pictures, which are solely taken by me over the last years.
I became the idea for this site when I started to learn the excellent Blender 3D Software and I needed some free textures.
I was very happy that I have found some sites which contain such material. Now I also want to share with you the stuff that I have taken.
I will add more material from time to time, just check my Blog for Updates on the galleries!

All Pictues are released under the "Creative Commons CC-BY" License. You can read the whole, official license text here.
It allows you to do everything you want with these pictures, as long as you name me ( Tobias Franke / as the author of the original picture, somewhere in a list of credits, or the documentation, or in a readme file etc... Then, you are even allowed to use the pictures for commecial uses!

If you need a different license for a picture ( for example it is not possible for you to name me or this site as the author), just contact me and Im sure that we will find a solution.

So, i hope you like my stuff! Have fun with it!